Vendor Negotiation That Supports Patron Privacy and Intellectual Freedom

Presented Live: Thursday, June 18, 2020

Presented by ALA's Intellectual Freedom Committee and United for Libraries

Libraries are well versed in protecting intellectual freedom as it pertains to books but many do not have similar policies for online resources and services. Digital library collections are often provided by third-party vendors, who may have different goals than libraries. This disconnect has led to intellectual freedom issues, specifically regarding privacy, in recent years. How much responsibility do vendors have for patron privacy? How can libraries best negotiate with online vendors without infringing upon patron privacy and other intellectual freedom issues? This panel will have representatives from both libraries and vendors to discuss this topic.


Holly Eberle, Youth Technology Librarian, Algonquin Area Public Library District


Bill Marden, Director of Data Privacy and Compliance, New York Public Library

Erin Berman, Division Director of the Learning Group, Alameda County Library

Amandeep Kochar, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Baker & Taylor