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This course is for Colorado public library trustees, library friends and foundation board members, library directors, and library staff. This is a pilot project and is part of a limited statewide purchase facilitated by the Colorado State Library.

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Included Courses

Short Takes for Trustees
A series of 10 short videos (8-10 minutes each) that can be shown during Trustee meetings.
Trustee Academy
Online courses to help Trustees become exceptionally proficient in their roles on behalf of their libraries.
6 Course Bundle
Library Boards, Intellectual Freedom, and Challenges
Presented Live: Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Ask the Experts: Boards of Trustees, Friends Groups, and Foundations
Presented Live: Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Proactive Advocacy and Communication for Library Trustees and Staff
Presented Live: Tuesday, February 23, 2021
United for Libraries Virtual Conference: Trustees, Friends, & Foundations
On-demand access to seven (7) outstanding programs and four (4) don't miss keynote sessions!
10 Course Bundle
COVID-19 Webinars
4 Course Bundle
Post-Pandemic Library Recovery and Reopening
A series of webinars focused on library recovery and reopening after COVID-19.
4 Course Bundle
Tip Sheets for Friends of the Library Groups
Find it Fast information on frequently requested topics for Friends of the Library groups.
Tip Sheets for Library Foundations
Find it Fast information on frequently requested topics for library Foundations.
Tip Sheets for Library Boards of Trustees
Find it Fast information on frequently requested topics for library governing and advisory boards.
Friends and Trustees Under 40: Recruit Them, Retain Them, Engage Them
Practical strategies to identify and recruit millennials, and adapt board cultures to engage and retain them.
Fundraising & Building Support for Your Library Webinar Series
3 Course Bundle
Library Messaging Webinars
6 Course Bundle
On Demand Webinars for Trustees, Friends, and Foundations
4 Course Bundle
Library Board Practical Guides
COMING SOON: In-depth guides for library advisory and governing boards.
United for Libraries Institute for Trustees, Friends, and Foundations
Monthly Member Forums (2020)
A guest speaker shares highlights and information about the month's hot topic, followed by a Q&A.
3 Course Bundle
Monthly Member Forums (2019)
A guest speaker shares highlights and information about the month's hot topic, followed by a Q&A.
3 Course Bundle
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
What Library Trustees Need to Know
Everyday Messaging - Why the Library Matters!
Getting to know funders, sharing what the library is doing, and most importantly - why it matters!
The Library's Budget for Trustees
Funding sources, developing the budget, effective presentations, making the case, and more.
Trustee Competencies
The knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes of a successful public library Trustee.
Vendor Negotiation that Supports Patron Privacy & Intellectual Freedom
Working Effectively with the Library Director
The role of the Board, the role of the library director, and how to communicate effectively with each other.
Friends of the Library and the Future of Booksales
A panel of speakers discuss how they are rethinking booksales, fundraising, and events as libraries open.
Engaging Library Supporters During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Stay engaged with your supporters and community while navigating the challenges of COVID-19.
Messaging for Your Library During a Crisis
Approaching messaging during a time of crisis and crafting your messaging for success.
How Foundations and Friends Can Support Their Libraries During COVID-19
Speakers share how their priorities are shifting, and what initiatives they are planning to meet their library's changing needs.
Responding When COVID Comes to Your Library: Learning From Real Stories
Hear from three public libraries on how they responded when they were confronted with a positive case situation.
Working Together: Policy and Legal Issues for Reopening a Public Library
The Board, the Attorney and the Librarian
Key Findings from New Libraries' COVID-19 Response Survey
The Library Community Moving Forward in the New Normal
National Library Legislative Day
How Trustees, Friends, and Foundations Can Get Involved
Highlights from the United for Libraries Institute for Trustees, Friends, and Foundations
Recruiting Younger Board Members for Trustees, Friends, and Foundations
Intellectual Freedom: What Library Friends, Trustees, and Foundations Need to Know
Friends, Foundations, Trustees and the Future of Libraries
End of Year Giving Campaigns
#1: Crafting a Compelling Case for Support
Importance of a fundraising organization's case for support, with building blocks to create your own.
#2: How Everyday Relationships Build Support and Help Libraries Transform
How one library built a community of library champions ready to be activated when needed.
#3: Annual Giving Campaigns: Best Practices From Across the Country
Best practices and tools you can immediately implement in your next annual giving campaign.
National Friends of Libraries Week
Merging Your Library's Friends Group and Foundation
Broadening the Scope of Small/Mid-Sized Library Foundations
Leaving a Legacy Through Planned Giving
How to Hug a Porcupine
Relationship Building with Lawmakers and Why It’s Important
What's Your E? - The E's of Libraries
Local, State, and National Library Messaging: A Grasstop Approach
Anatomy of a Successful Library Campaign
Real World Tips for Getting the Funding You Need
Ask, Listen, Plan: Engaged Planning for Trustees, Directors and Other Library Leaders
Communication and Dispute Resolution Strategies for Board Problems
Integrating Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity into Your Board Culture
Understanding Donor Data Analytics: Why it Matters and What You Can Do With It
Great Boards Don't Happen by Accident
Working with Friends and Foundations: Playing for the Same Team
Libraries, Friends and Foundations: At an Unexpected Crossroads
Funding Equity: Foundations Creating a Platform for Diverse Library Services
Heal, Recover, Grow: Re-Framing Library Advocacy to Meet Our Community’s Greatest Needs
Advocacy and Equity-How Library Boards Can Create Lasting Impact through Compelling Cases and Outreach